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spider-man debate ensues in comments on viral tiktok video

TikToker Sparks Spider-Man Debate After Posting About Tom Holland's Drunk Phone Call with Disney's Bob Iger

Back in 2019, Tom Holland told a story on Jimmy Kimmel of how he allegedly saved the Spider-Man movies. The story goes that, at the time Sony had rights to Spider-Man and was not coming to an agreement with Marvel for them to continue. During this time, Holland apparently was upset that he might not continue his character, so he wrote a heartfelt email to the chairman of Disney , Bob Iger. A few days later, Holland was drunk at a pub with his family when Iger called his cell. Apparently, after…
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We Remade Spider-Man: No Way Home For $20

We don't know what they spent on Spider-Man: No Way Home but...Cracked spent a lot less. Their clever take on the action-packed trailer is a lot more boozy , features a lot more drugs, and a very appropriate avocado. You'll see what we mean.
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Funny tweets roasting people with british accents | swedish gal @cutechickenxx british people be like peta paka tom holland peter parker spider man | thatvikingsfan @thatvikingsfan8 British people getting stabbed be like Oit there mate, bit rude put knife chest innit 3:46 PM 4/2/20 Twitter Android

29 Roasty Tweets About British Accents

It's all in good fun.
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Oh Hell Yeah

Funny meme about being single and drunk at a wedding when they play africa by Toto.
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Funny memes of Joker (joaquin phoneix) dancing with peter parker (tobey maguire) dank memes, anime, boobs

Joker And Peter Parker Get Down In This Reddit-Approved Meme

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29 Spider-Man Memes & Moments That'll Make Your Spidey-Senses Tingle

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Oh God

Pic of a spider biting someone's hand next to a pic of Peter Parker as Spider Man, above a pic of someone stepping on a Lego next to someone who's turned into a creepy Lego man
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Marvel memes and posts.

37 Funny Memes & Posts For The Marvel Freaks

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It All Makes Sense Now!

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Peter Parker is the Coolest

peter parker nerds motorcycle - 8413784576
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peter parker bad luck brian Spider-Man wrestling - 6627547648
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hammer inadequate no no tubes peter parker Thor - 4662349568
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Superheroes: The Everyman's Hero

Awesome Art batman ironman money peter parker Spider-Man superheroes - 6330156544
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