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Dude Goes On Business Trip, Girlfriend Intentionally Releases His Beloved Dog Into Wild

Not acceptable
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A list of funny names from the pet adoption platform Petfinder.

15 Absurd Pet Names That It's Hard To Believe Are Real

Unique pet names are such a joy. There's nothing worse than meeting an animal who has the most basic uncreative name you could think of. As a child, I went to the neighbor kids' house, thrilled to find out they had guinea pigs. However, my glee subsided when I found out the horrid truth. They named their white guinea pig Snowball, their brown guinea pig Hershey, and their black and white guinea pig Oreo. That is an abomination. How could you be so uncreative to name a pet the most obvious thing…
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Man Lets Dog Join A Zoom Meeting, Accidentally Gives Him A New Favorite Pastime

Your business = your dog's business
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Man Sparks Mixed Reactions After Messaging Ex On His Dog’s Instagram

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Woman Naps With Guinea Pig, Things Take A Turn For The Worse

She got bored
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The Target Has Been Located

Caption that reads, "When I see a dog I wanna pet" above pics of Shaq hiding behind a skinny tree
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My Dragon

best of week dragon lizard pet wtf - 5938881792
Created by butterflyperception

What a Chill Bird

birds gifs critters pet - 8391036928
Created by Unknown

Lesson 2 Is Knowing Where the Hospital Is

alligator lesson pet training funny - 8198915584
Created by beernbiccies

The End Result is the Same – Lacerations

cat How To pet - 7703808256
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Yeah, That Guy Needs to Go

horrible wtf owner pet monkey - 7673195520
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Gary Busey Is His Own Pet

gary busey wtf pet dogs funny - 7625583616
Created by Unknown

You Don't Say?

wtf pet monkey funny justin bieber - 7472556032
Created by Unknown

Monkeys Do Not Cure Loneliness

pet lonely - 4515339520
Created by Unknown

You Better Sleep With Your Eyes Open

revenge pet angry dogs - 3162359808
Created by Joker213

Nom Nom Nom: Kitty Loves You

cat cute pet - 7000427008
Created by djcat595
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