personal attack

Funny random tweets, twitter memes, stupid tweets, personal attacks, dank memes | Katie Bergey @katiebergey someone sits empty seat beside flattered yet annoyed no one sits empty seat beside offended yet relieved

20+ Highly Relatable Twitter Truths

Just can't argue with these.
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Funny memes that are relatable | yo pizza app isn't working" Friend dude just call them" My anxiety: |  Ttr-h tr 2r tan (8) 10- 30° 45° 60° Ssin xdx cosx+C dx tgx +C, cos x 5- 3 ftgxdx cosx 2? dx 60 ax +bx+c trying figure out away change things 30 0 without changing things so can have new life without working on yourself. 2a

Relatable Memes For Those Who Need To Feel Understood

Is this some kind of personal attack or something?
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Oh Look It's Me

Funny meme that reads, "Every time I stay home I'd rather be out but every time I go out I'd rather be home" above a still of Homer Simpson looking sad at the bar
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That's Pretty Rude

Funny meme about the coffee machine in the office calling someone "cashless failure"
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