Our Generation's Shakespeare

perfect Pie Chart shakespeare twilight - 5469299456
By Unknown

Don't Put All Your Eggs There, Dummy

basket egg food Nailed It perfect toast - 5493833216
Via Jaklyn Skelington

Fraternity Dorks

creeper creepy sneakers Party perfect - 5456673792
By Lauren Fresh

The Life and Times of Socially Awkward Penguin

animemes bed life perfect socially awkward penguin thoughts times - 5415302656
By jdizzle1986

Reframe: The Guy On the Right Is Perfect

awesome perfect photoshop Reframe - 5360457728
By Tingen

Where the Fun Never Ends

disneyland memories perfect Planking - 5059277568
By Unknown

Friend Zone Fiona: "I'd Be LUCKY To Have You!"

dating friend zone Friend Zone Fiona girls perfect sex - 5122919424
See all captions By Unknown

Didn't Even Miss a Beat

beat Like a Boss perfect sitting - 5098948608
By bolanzo14

Y U No Cut Your Hair Shorter!?

girl hair perfect short straight Y U No Guy - 4943377152
See all captions By epiclink712

Once in a Lifetime

dice perfect Rage Comics - 4871537152
By Unknown


face plant hilarious ouch perfect - 4841312512
See all captions By benu2

Simwife Will Never Leave Me

forever alone friends perfect Rage Comics wife - 4767666432
By Unknown

The Perfect Couple

couple evil internet perfect Rage Comics tumblr - 4799462912
By Unknown


Music perfect Pure Awesome suddenly - 4787170816
By 4lpaka

Squidward Is Just silly!

circles details head Memes perfect SpongeBob SquarePants - 4718191872
By Danieke

The Magic of Extension Cords

perfect Rage Comics - 4717774336