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An Aggregate Of Amazeballs Memes

Did you know that gossip columnist Perez Hilton originally coined the term "amazeballs"? I find this news to be devastating, as I could have never guessed that such a swag slang term would've come from the mind of one of society's most nefarious journalists. In hindsight, it's horrifying that we just sat back and let him say everything he said about Britney Spears . Granted, most of us were mere children when it occurred, but we still should have done something about it. Since his now long pass…
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Perez Hilton Totally Looks Like Peter Dinklage

totally looks like Perez Hilton funny peter dinklage - 7667224064
Created by RamonaQ

Random Girl Totally Looks Like Perez Hilton

funny Perez Hilton TLL - 6630256896
Created by Unknown


dragon hair Perez Hilton pink - 3210544896
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Ghostbusters Perez Hilton slimer - 2730335488
Created by Dr._Claw


dr seuss jim carrey movies Perez Hilton the grinch who stole christmas - 2318797056
Created by caseyjared