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20+ Horror Movie Memes For Freddy, Pennywise, and Mrs. Voorhees Superfans

I have a confession to make. I had not seen any Scream movies until last weekend. I know I deserve to be stabbed by an anonymous person for such discretion. But I buckled down and watched Scream and Scream 2 last weekend, and to say I'm fully hooked is an understatement. Scream is by far one of the best horror movies ever made. It understands the horror movie formula, makes fun of said formula, and simultaneously executes it perfectly. You can't say the same for stinkers like Scary Movie . Scre…
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Scary Movie Memes For Horror Fanatics

Counting down the days until Scream VI!
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Pretty/Bitchin' comparison meme for Tumblr, Eleven of STranger Things, taylor swift, Cate Blanchett, Buffy, Thur, Bucky Barnes, Pennywise.

Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Has Inspired A Fun New Makeover Meme

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Cool pumpkin carving designs involving Star Wars, anime, game of thrones, harry potter, the wizard of oz, death note, fish, pennywise the clown.

28 Times People Totally Killed The Pumpkin Carving Game

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Funny meme about Pennywise the clown saying he has pineapple pizza, construction workers closing up the sewer.
Via Lock Me Up

All Clear

Funny meme about an alligator eating pennywise the clown and trying to lure children into the sewer.
Via Crippling Things

Think Of The Clowns

Funny meme about It movie ruining the careers of clowns.
Via turtler19

No, I Absolutely Do Not

Pennywise the clown wearing a flower crown, asks if you want to see pics of him and his friends at coachella. workers closing storm drain.
Via @champagneemojis

Candy Shoppe

Pennywise the clown invites girl into the stormdrain. Turns out it is his candy shop and she is the first customer.
Via @Cory2020

Paranoid Parrot: Very Pennywise of You

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