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Americans Describe the States They Live In Without Revealing Names in Funny Thread

America is a big, beautiful mess. Each state has its own unique identity, some so distinct that many Americans can easily recognize a state based on a few key characteristics. Redditor u/Thomas_The_Llama recently prompted the people of r/AskReddit to describe their states without revealing any names, and the resulting thread is very entertaining (unless, of course, you're not American , in which case you might be a little confused).
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Funny puns and tweets about cheese, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dramatic Tweet About Cheese Shelf Collapse Inspires Gleeful Pun-Fest

If you like pun, you're in for a treat.
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Funny roasts of Altoona Style pizza

'Altoona Style Pizza' Is the Latest Food Crime to Infuriate the Internet

The world has a lot of opinions regarding pizza. The pineapple on pizza debate has been raging for years. And we all know that Swedish banana pizza deserves a top spot in the Pizza Hall of Shame. But this weekend the internet found a new phenomenon to rage about: “Altoona Style Pizza." The revelation came courtesy of
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Move Over, Nevada

Funny meme about how Nevada's spotlight was stolen when Pennsylvania went to Joe Biden during the 2020 election | Nevada being the most iconic state for the last few days. Pennsylvania I'm about to end this man's whole career
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The Sign Makes the Whole State

jersey shore pennsylvania idiots - 3272456704
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He Commands Me With Such Apathy!

america Badass guys pennsylvania signs smile - 5579311872
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hilarious no no tubes pennsylvania state - 5245922304
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hilarious pennsylvania storm weather - 5232996096
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