Waddle like a penguin. Or better yet, tap those happy feet and find a pebble. These fluffy birds will have you finding your own beat and laughing at their antics and jokes.

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The Funniest Memes & Tweets About 'The Batman' (2022)

There's a new Batman in town and to the delight of millions of millennials, he's emo, brooding, and a little bit weird. Matt Reeves' The Batman is the pulpy noir that fans of the Caped Crusader's iconic Detective Comics era have been waiting for. Mask of the Phantasm has always been my personal favorite Batman feature, and for me, Reeves' take on Gotham and the inner world of Bruce Wayne is the closest a live-action blockbuster has come to achieving the sort of stylistic world-building that Mas…
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Stupid Body!

Funny meme about being tired all day but not being able to sleep | angry penguin my body: *gives me signals to sleep the entire day* me: *goes to bed* my body: ell now I am not doing it
Via soyamin

The Killer Penguin

wtf killer whale penguin funny - 8353903872
Created by Unknown

They See Him Rolling

fat funny penguin wtf - 8233015552
Created by Unknown


adorable funny penguin - 8463655936
Created by Unknown

Those Sneaky Penguins

hide and seek sneaky penguin funny - 8375270400
Created by Unknown

What Majestic Creatures

idiots penguin funny - 8241206528
Created by Unknown

Does Anyone Like Bagpipes?

wtf penguin funny - 8241273600
Created by Unknown

I Thought it Was an Eggplant

penguin funny - 7916164352
Created by Unknown

Yolo in the Animal Kingdom

brave wtf bad idea penguin funny - 7836818176
Created by Unknown

Time for a Nap

angry penguin funny - 7813061376
Created by Unknown

Off to Work!

gifs cute penguin - 7130132480
Created by Unknown

Ever Wanted to Speak Penguin? Here's Your Chance.

taste clown translation language double meaning penguin funny - 7042501376
Via Alternative Penguin Jokes

That's One Dumb Penguin

seal bravery penguin - 7005665024
Created by Unknown


penguin wolf - 3528822016
See all captions Created by Unknown

Funny Upset Penguin

gifs critters cute upset penguin - 6944074752
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )
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