Funny and relatable starter pack memes | pencil experience starter pack painful ears they hit paper used too much pressure and now keeps getting everywhere won't come clean can still get few uses out this eraser AAN right get perfectly angled point flaky ones can't do this | loudest things ever starter рack dad HX guy who uses this at 7 am KLERATOR

Amusing Starter Pack Memes That Definitely Aren't Wrong

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How The Hell Does This Work?

mindwarp gifs pencils magic - 8558540032

Very Sharp, And Yet Also Pointless

gifs pencils - 8517251584
Created by tamaleknight

An Epitaph for an Important Creator of Art

Via Dorris McComics

The Daily Grind

gifs pencils - 8393204480
Via My Life

Someone Was Bored

machines gifs pencils - 8390554880
Created by anselmbe

The Best Advice For Choosing a Career

drawing sick truth pencils web comics - 8302780416
Via Zen Pencils

That Moment When You Realize You Are Too Tired to Focus on Anything

drawing tired pencils web comics - 8265054208
Via Nelluchnoj

This is a Most Curious Game

games gifs pencils Cats - 8202497024

You Earned It

class school teachers pencils justin bieber - 8075979776

How Pencils Are Formed

gifs pencils funny - 7874857216
Created by ToolBee

The Problems of Being an Artist

pencils - 7841154816

Screw It, I'll Just Use a Pen!

pens pencils - 7833474304

Now You'll Get Smudges on Your Pinky

school erasing pencils - 7807272960

The Pencil Joke

joker pencils funny - 7728013824
Created by installerblizzake

And It's GONE

doh pencils funny web comics - 7709393408
Created by lolnein ( Via LOL Nein )
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