If This Person Cared Any Less, They'd Probably Have a Tattoo That Said "PEDESTRIANS RIGHTS" On Their Forehead

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pedestrians russia driving compilation Video - 72375297

This Video is Proof That Russian Pedestrians Give Zero F**ks

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This is a Very Stressful GIF

close call gifs yikes traffic pedestrians - 8256632832
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Have Patience

pedestrians rage patience driving - 8111412992
By Bronze_robot_

Crossing The Street in Bangkok

pedestrians gifs thailand scooters - 8099811584
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"This Light is Taking Forever!"

pedestrians walking traffic - 8009385472
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The Plight of Drivers

pedestrians herpderp - 6554769152
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pedestrians bicycles driving walking - 6808679424
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Jesus Was Here

jesus pedestrians funny - 7537294336
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Don't Stop Your Car in The Crosswalk

pedestrians rage FAIL gifs cars funny - 7486518272
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Let's Hope They Don't Back Up

pedestrians crosswalk Good Guy Greg traffic - 7116740864
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Lucky Pedestrians

pedestrians yikes FAIL gifs accident close call - 6988383488
By ToolBee

Pay Attention

almost a FAIL car close call FAIL gifs pedestrians yikes - 6214143488
By Unknown

If Someone's Ignoring Signs, They're Not Looking for Pedestrians Either

crossing Paranoid Parrot pedestrians repost street - 5695911168
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How They View Me: Streets

cars How People View Me pedestrians roads streets walking - 5126041088
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55 Ducks Crossing The Road

critters cute ducks gifs pedestrians traffic - 5067682048
By _C_A_T_ (Via
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