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Informative Thread Explains Why Most Companies Don’t Like Pay Transparency

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Worker Faces Major Blowback After Acting Out For Pay Raise

That wasn't it
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Infuriating Thread Reveals The Difficulties Of Negotiating Pay

A minefield
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Former Contestant Confirms 'America's Next Top Model' Paid Contestants Next to Nothing

Beyond reproach.
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Imgur thread about an employer who tried to take back over time pay from one of their employees, employee proves that this action was not just according to Washington state law | Hi are reviewing payroll past few months ensure paid correctly and did find one issue with pay. were overpaid $248.24 over time on pay are planning on deducting this amount this current pay day. If would like us split this between two pay periods please let know by tomorrow.

Employee Points Out Boss' Mistake In Refreshingly Hopeful Thread

Always know your rights!
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Funny tweet about paying someone to stand in the back of your funeral with an umbrella to make it seem like you have a mysterious secret.
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A Public Service Announcement

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Scumbag Warcraft: Only 'Til a Useless Level

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We Had to Downsize

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Make sure your Internet Explorer bill is paid up too

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It All Evens Out

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Gotta love the top contributors

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