paula deen

Lame Pun Coon Can't Believe It's Not Heart Attack

butter diabetes Lame Pun Coon paula deen - 5719109376
See all captions Created by DoesMyFatAssMakeMyAssLookFat

Bacon VS. Butter

bacon butter epic meal time me gusta paula deen the internets - 5324712704
Created by saltyteabag

A Mashup Made in Heaven

double meaning Han Solo homophone literalism meme Memes paula deen star wars - 5172714240
Created by pedretta

The Only Meat I'll Eat is Actually Butter

butter paula deen steak TV - 5098328064
Created by EloiseRaeCullen

It's the Alpha and Omega

butter lindsay lohan mean girls paula deen TV - 4899712768

Katy Perry Totally Looks Like Paula Deen

katy perry musicians paula deen - 4914659584
Created by chelseafletcher86

Come On Y'all. A Lil' Butta Never Hurt Anyone

butter fusion paula deen Pokémon TV - 4824067072
Created by Unknown

No Crust Necessary

butter fusion paula deen pie Pokémemes Pokémon - 4827037184
Created by jam8197

Oh Paula...

butter comic double meaning meme paula deen punchline rage comic Rage Comics - 4827861248
Created by Unknown

Paula Deen Was Born Riding on Things

born this way lady gaga paula deen paula-deen-yall riding - 4667281920
Via Paul H Phillips

She's Gaining On You!

animated gif at at luke skywalker paula deen - 4536428288
Via paula deen riding things

Paula Deen's Words To Live By

butter paula deen paula-deen-yall slogan maker yall - 4514981632
Created by Unknown


chefs mouth orange paula deen - 4275973888
Created by Chasev20


paula deen - 2526810880
Created by Estarfigam
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