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The Funniest Star Trek Memes of the Week (October 17, 2023)

Live long and lager
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Funny Twitter thread containing images of Patrick Stewart dressed up like various teacups | X-Men Professor X in a Cerebro helmet and a teacup made of wire

Pics Of Patrick Stewart As Teacups: A Twitter Thread

Well ain't he the cutest.
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Cute photos of patrick stweart and ian mckellen.

27 Wholesome Pics Celebrating The Friendship of Sir Patrick And Sir Ian

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Thursday funny memes about dating, doctors, lenny the shark, being lonely, fidget spinners, porn, laziness, beer, stupidity, relationships, millennials, driving, rick and morty,.

15 Memes to Get Your Thursday Going

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Patrick Stewart's Cowboy Classics

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Corn on the Drill Fail Gets the X-Men Makeover It Deserves

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Don't You Hate It When That Happens

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When Female Reporters Interview Patrick Stewart

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Your Grandfather Is Awesome

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McAvoy and Fassbender Do Impressions of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

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Stand Out From the Crowd

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Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Are Taking Over Hosting Duties on Late Night

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The Guardian Prints That Patrick Stewart is Gay, and Stewart Has the Perfect Response

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Patrick Stewart Wins the Internet on Super Bowl Sunday

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The Creature All Men Fear

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Dot Pixis Totally Looks Like Patrick Stewart

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