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College Student Gets Applauded For Organizing "Hoe Union" To Stay Safe At Parties

She's onto something
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Perfectly Timed And Entertaining Photos That Distil The Chaos Of Going Clubbing

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Funny memes about drinking | liquor be HITTIN and gotta let homies know much they mean ed edd n' eddy | promise won't get drunk and make 'new friends' again later night: 203moskyle person feeding raccoons

27 Boozy Memes For The Party Animals

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Funny memes about the Greek system, frats, sororities | row of boys dressed in backward cups, white shirts and shorts: can beat my ass but my daddy will sue outfit. girl in pajamas drinking beer Senior vs freshmen girls at frat parties

12 Fratty Memes That You'll Only Find On Greek Row

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22 Pointless Memes To Help Distract You From Your Woes

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28 Giggle-Worthy Memes That'll Lift Your Spirits

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Random Memes

30 Random Memes To Give Your Mind A Lil Workout

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'Watching Your Friends Snapchat Stories' Memes Are The Epitome Of FOMO

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Pretty Much

Parents: "Our kid's a teenager now. I'm afraid pretty soon he's gonna be having sex, drinking, and going to parties;" Me at age 20: sitting at the computer alone, doing nothing
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The Most Insane Reasons People Have Been Kicked Out Of Things

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Party Responsibly

Funny meme about hangovers when you are over 25.
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Funny memes about dating, school, relationships, life, drinking, partying.

28 Hilarious Memes To Distract You From Reality

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Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Funny meme about where you see yourself in five years, photo of Andrw WK captioned "world's greatest partier."
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Lunch Break: 19 Memes to Satisfy Your Cravings

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Get It Together

Funny meme about when your friend talks about partying all night and is yawning early on, principal from the simpsons saying pathetic.
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Anyone Else Ever Feel Like This?

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