An article about a wholesome family who hosts a gender reveal party for family parrot, just to find out he's been a girl the whole time

Wholesome Family Hosts Gender Reveal Party For 43-Year-Old Parrot, Discover He's Been A Girl The Whole Time

Usually, when gender reveals go viral, it's never for something good. How many videos have you seen of a gender reveal party starting a fire or the dad storming off when he finds out the baby is a girl? A genuinely intriguing and compelling gender reveal is hard to come by these days, making this parrot's gender reveal such a revelation. This beautiful bird has been a part of his family for over four decades, and they always just assumed he was a boy. When their vet suggested he might be a girl…
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Swoons to The Tunes

parrots birds gifs critters - 8566180352
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Kitty And Parrot Pal Around

parrots birds gifs critters kitties Cats - 8515122176
Created by Unknown

Here Ya Go, Kitties, Enjoy

parrots birds gifs Cats - 8506959872
Created by Unknown

Parrot Getting Some Love

pets parrots birds gifs critters - 8496058112
Created by Unknown

Cat in Love With a Fake Parrot

parrots gifs Cats - 8486836992
Created by Unknown

Bath Time For The Parrots

parrots birds gifs critters - 8481612544
Created by Unknown

Hold Up, I Got a Little Itch

parrots birds gifs mirrors critters - 8461369600
Created by Unknown

The Duality of Birds

Via Blackbrd

Parrot Takes a Shower

parrots gifs critters cute showers - 8443052032
Created by ToolBee

Hermit Crab Parrot

parrots birds gifs critters - 8397796352
Created by Unknown
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