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Surprisingly Deep Quotes from an Unlikely Source

TikTokers Get Deep by Sharing Surprisingly Deep Quotes from Unlikely Sources like Children's Shows and Video Games

Random tweets, games, bumper stickers, anime, your toddler, etc.—sometimes you just get smacked in the face with words when you least expected it.
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Funny dank memes from 'Parks and Rec' featuring Tom Haverford saying, "It's beautiful, I've looked at this for five hours now" | google maps Jo Mama's General Store Pee Pee Island nut shop 'S BEAUTIFUL LOOKED AT THIS FIVE HOURS NOW. | literally anyone this sub they see an image Obi- Wan S BEAUTIFUL LOOKED AT THIS FIVE HOURS NOW.

Twenty 'Beautiful' Memes From Parks And Rec's Tom Haverford

A Classic.
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Funny quotes and bits of wisdom from Ron Swanson.

Gems Of True Wisdom From Our Hero, Ron Swanson

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Funny comments from John Lowe on Rob Lowe's instagram page, Rob Lowe's son roasting him on Instagram.

Rob Lowe's Son Masterfully Trolls His Dad's Instagram

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He's Literally So Good

Caption that reads, "I love Post Malone" above a pic of Ron Swanson with cornrows in his hair
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Funny mashup of PArks and REc and Lord of the Rings.

These LOTR x Parks And Rec Mashup Memes Are Pure Gold

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parks and recreation ron swanson parks and rec - 1551621

Here's a Little Bit of the Breakfast Loving, Mustache Wielding, Prophet That is Ron Swanson

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parks and rec - 9005160448
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Why Would You Even Joke About That?

ron swanson parks and rec TV SNL vegan - 7130154752
By Boat

Wisdom From Tom

parks and rec TV - 7077637376
By Unknown

That's What's Important

parks and rec TV i have no idea what im doing - 7055460096
By Unknown

Attn: Hipster Girls

mustache ron swanson parks and rec hipsters TV Nick Offerman - 6997926656
By JCizzle

Couldn't Have Said It Better

ron swanson parks and rec TV politics - 6827019520
By Unknown


breakfast ron swanson parks and rec bacon - 6893863168
By Boat

The Only Permit Ron Needs

ron swanson parks and rec pig TV - 6866972928
By Nobody-

The Ultimate Battle

Battle ron swanson parks and rec bacon - 6752104960
By EthanRunt
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