man is going viral for biting into a full bread bowl, causing debate on the correct way of eating it

Man Goes Viral After Ruthlessly Biting Into His Bread Bowl Full of Soup, Causing Controversy on the Correct Eating Technique

Do you eat the soup first and then eat the bread after the soup is finished and it's soaked up all the flavors? Or, if it's a creamy soup, do you just go straight for the chomp to get an instant flavor combo of bread and soup? TikTok debates.
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Footage of Humanoid Robots Failing at Parkour is Both Disturbing and Hilarious

So much for our robot overlords
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What's Next?

Funny meme, dank memes, lol, parkour, texas, snow storm
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parkour memes from the office tv show

The 'Parkour' Meme From 'The Office' Is Making Its Rounds Again And We're Not Mad About It

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YouTube video of a guy performing parkour skills throughout the city

Dude's Insane-o Parkour Skills Are Straight Out Of A Movie

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Seriously, WTF

Funny meme suggesting that Spider-Man should have been named Peter Parkour, a pun on the name Peter Parker.
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Out in Public Trying to Do Parkour and Sh*t, until This Happens...every Single Time

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It All Makes Sense Now!

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parkour IRL super mario maker - 78453249

Mario and Luigi Have Some Epic Moves in This IRL Mario Maker Parkour Video

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costume parkour Video dinosaurs - 77857281

Hold On To Your Butts, Someone Has Finally Done Jurassic Parkour!

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parkour star wars Video - 76784129

Watch This Epic Star Wars Parkour Battle

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Close One, Comrade

yikes parkour gifs flips - 8557524736
Created by tamaleknight
parkour trolltube Video - 61673217

All You Parkour Nuts Out There, Just Pack It Up and Go Home, Because We've Found the Best of Them All

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parkour - 73647105

Red Bull Gave This Freerunner Wings, and Honestly, It Seems Pretty Counter-Productive

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Michael's Parkour Lessons Have Been Paying Off

parkour fire Video - 72989953

This Guy Takes Parkour to Another Level by Setting Himself on Fire First

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