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Snooty neighbor tries to charge construction worker $500 a day to park near her house, gets schooled with malicious compliance: 'I took my measuring tape and measured out 15 inches''

She didn't break any rules
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'She reported my vehicle as abandoned': Karen calls cops on neighbor for parking in front of her own house

Gene is no good
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Parking Spot Thief Gets Ultimate Comeuppance for His Crimes

Justice is served
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Douchey Retail Manager Accuses Worker Covering Shift of Trespassing at 5 AM, Gets Hit With Malicious Compliance

He was insistent
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British Karen Parks in Two Spots, Accuses Dude Next To Her of Scratching Her Car

British Karen Parks in Two Spots, Accuses Dude Next To Her of Scratching Her Car

The hallmark trait of a Karen is entitlement. Most Karens want to control every person around them, even while they are making the most demanding and absurd requests. Not only do they believe the world revolves around them, but they will ensure that everyone around them knows the world revolves around them and make it the public's problem. One of the worst breeds of Karens are those who accuse you of things you didn't do. Whether you're serving them in a restaurant or walking down the street ne…
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People on Twitter Discuss Scams That Society Accepts

People Discuss Scams That Society Accepts

Why are are these okay?
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Woman gets ex neighbor's car towed because they keep parking in her spot. | AITA having my ex neighbors car towed because they kept parking my spot 21F) live right on edge my cities downtown. Parking is scarce, or should say, FREE parking is scarce lived an old house converted into 8 apartment units, and had its own mini parking lot with 8 spots tenants had neighbor (F) who got job working nights few blocks away our apartment which worked out great because she could just walk work and didn't

Woman's Ex Neighbor Keeps Parking In Her Spot, Gets Their Car Towed

The parking drama never ends.
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A compilation of irritating pictures with something off about them.

Images That Could Enrage Or Slightly Annoy You

Every day of your life, you have experienced something that doesn't quite go your way. Whether it be the food you ordered getting messed up, someone cutting you off in traffic, or something as simple as seeing a piece of trash on the ground. For little slights like this, you have a choice of whether to get inconsolably angry or let it roll off like water off a duck's back. Depending on the circumstances, it's usually best you choose the latter option. If not, you might risk making a scene or be…
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Job Applicant Duped By Parking Scam, Both Anger And Hilarity Ensues

What a let down
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Amputee Triumphs Over Insensitive Jerk In Argument Over Disabled Parking

Some people, SMH
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Kid Expertly Shuts Down Karen In Face Off With Her Aunt

Get rekt
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How Considerate Of Them!

Pic of a green truck parked in front of a sign that reads, "Reserved for green vehicles"
Via moghees

They Deserve It

Caption that reads, "Always carry zip ties so you can f*ck with people who park like a**holes" above a pic of a poorly parked car with a shopping cart zip-tied to it
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Caption that reads, "I went to the grocery store and they now have a parking spot for fat guys that like to grill. That's so considerate" below a pic of a drawing on a parking spot supposedly of a pregnant woman and a stroller
Via Wichelmich

That's Enough Of That

Caption that reads, "When you've had enough of the snow" above a pic of someone using a flamethrower to get rid of the snow
Via abbiistabbii
bad parkers get signs put on their door

30+ Brutal And Hilarious Signs For Bad Parkers

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