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32 Paranormal Memes Packed With Ghostly Humor

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"So we found the source of the flickering lights": Electrician Finds Ouija Board in Customer's Wall, Puts it Back Where it Came From

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Creepy stories about paranormal experiences, reddit, ask reddit

10+ People Share Their Creepy Real-Life Paranormal Experiences

The paranormal world is a pretty big part of pop culture . It overlaps with the horror genre (the unexplainable, to most people, is pretty damn terrifying), and has been the basis for (or a topic on) sixty eight reality television series. People live for ghost stories, tales of UFO sightings and abductions, and somehow, are really interested in Bigfoot. I know some folks who shell out hundreds of dollars on psychics, and hold seances in earnest. If I hadn't heard a ghost story from an entire fa…
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woman tells the stories of her hippie grandparents and mother from back in the day and is going viral

Woman Is Going Viral for Sharing Crazy Stories of Her Mom's Hippie Nomadic Childhood in a Converted Bus

From paranormal encounters to avoiding a car crash with mysterious ways, the '70s were a wild time.
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17 Spooky 'Buzzfeed Unsolved' Memes For The Show's Super Fans

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Funny Reddit post where someone says they don't believe in ghosts and another person comments that it's okay because ghosts believe in them
Via SkirSkor

Hell Yeah Time To Get Turnt

Caption that reads, "'This house has been haunted for 700 years. Any person who has walked in mysteriously disappeared;' White people: ..." above a pic of Random Fish Guy from Spongebob walking into the Krusty Krab
Via duffieldious01

It's Agonizing

Tweet that reads, "The closest you can get to knowing what it's like to be a ghost is listening to a podcast where the hosts are trying to remember a piece of trivia that you know"
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Waluigi's The Winner!

A Waluigi-themed Ouija board
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Captcha Gone Wrong

captcha inglip paranormal - 4428949760
Created by naobatt