Paranoid Parrot

Annd Now the Paranoia Sets In...

Via Oppressive Silence

Not Even Water

funny memes dont drink or drive paranoid parrot actual advice mallard
Via Cory_Tannertony

We've All Been There

Paranoid Parrot - 8087876352

How You'll Feel After Playing BioShock Infinite

bioshock infinite Memes Paranoid Parrot - 7391158272
Created by Sephiroth1993

At Least If Potential Thieves See, They'll Know It's Locked

locks Paranoid Parrot - 7333953024
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Are You Sure Pressing It Twice Doesn't Unlock It?

locks cars Paranoid Parrot - 7321399296
See all captions Created by funnybunny2001

I Don't Even Own Anything Expensive

robbers noise Paranoid Parrot - 7294049792
See all captions Created by Unknown

Paranoid Grammar Parrot

grammar Paranoid Parrot - 7264564480
Created by jamesns

It's Definitely Cancer

web md Paranoid Parrot - 7182318848
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Nobody Will Ever Know

grammar Paranoid Parrot - 7166360320
Created by FrenchVanillaLatte ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Who Unfriended Me?!

not sure if facebook Futurama Fry Paranoid Parrot - 7130319616
Created by Unknown

My Blankets Will Protect Me!

sleeptimes Paranoid Parrot - 7132916736
See all captions Created by yoimcool10

On the Internet, Nobody Can Know Your Real Opinions

Paranoid Parrot - 7132304640
Created by lsiwik

What Have I Screwed Up Lately?

jobs fired work Paranoid Parrot - 7080332288
See all captions Created by Unknown

Re-Framed: Might As Well Re-Download Firefox While I'm At It

internet re-frames Paranoid Parrot - 6942593024
Created by Unknown

Is That a Facebook Share?!

likes voting Paranoid Parrot - 6840202752
See all captions Created by WorstPersonEvar
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