What A Year

funny meme, dank memes, random memes, captain planet, stupid meme, rioting, police brutality | 1968 mass riots pandemic 2008 economic depression 4544 fighting Nazis 1992 police brutality By your powers combined, I am 2020
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Funny memes about nursing | The Office crying Michael Scott patient genuinely thanks and tells much they appreciate yourregularrn | Patient insists on getting out bed Also patient: glass bones

Eighteen Nurse Memes For The Brave People On The Frontlines

Thank you!
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Interesting video that explains the dangers of going outside vs. staying inside during the COVID-19 pandemic

Informative Video Explains The Spread Of COVID-19 Indoors Vs. Outdoors

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Funny memes about summer | Nemo fish escape to the ocean in plastic bags Summer 2020 with squad @thenewsclan | God adding 85 degree weather Pandemic season COMFORT

Fifteen Summer Memes To Taunt People Who Miss Going Outside

Might as well look at memes since we can't go to the beach?
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Funny and relatable mental health memes | glitched out Homer Simpson after waking up 30 minute nap 8 hours later | Shaggy Scooby Doo can tell mental illness is taking over personality but don't know fix tapiokas dont read like this Photos

Mental Health Memes For Anyone Trying To Cope With All Of This Crap

Can this all be over please
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Those Were The Days

Funny meme that reads, "Old photo of people eating at a crowded restaurant, 2019 B.C. (Before Corona)" above a black-and-white photo of people in a restaurant
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Funny video of a guy dressed up as the Grim Reaper protesting the Florida beaches reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Guy Dressed As Grim Reaper Goes On National TV To Protest Florida Beaches Reopening

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Thanks I Hate It

Funny meme saying that the entire year of 2020 has been a glitch in the matrix | Linus If you divide 2020 by 5 you get 404, so basically this entire year is an error message. There is a glitch in the matrix. Welcome to my Ted talk
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Funny video parodies brands' commercials during the pandemic

Commercial Mocks Brands And Their Money-Grubbing BS During Pandemic

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Funny tweets from parents overhearing their kids on zoom calls | Todd Coleman @todd_coleman My daughter had Zoom class yesterday teacher's internet went out, so one kids made default host. He muted everyone, pretended teach class, and then just said "fart" over and over until teacher able join back amazing | Kelly Huh, Ph.D glaciergeek overheard zoom kids chat other day if all students can wear hamster balls at schools, then may be good return.

19 Tweets That Prove Kids On Zoom Are Hilarious

We're all trying to make the best of this.
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Cringey social media posts and photos of COVID-19 lockdown protesters | NEW YORK POST New York Post O @nypost Men less likely wear face masks because they're not cool and sign weakness people are talking about this | Read MY Lips Silent NO NEW EXTENSIONS woman wearing a face mask holding a sign with lips drawn on it

Twenty-Eight Instances Of Unbridled Ignorance: COVID-19 Edition

This warrants a facepalm of epic proportions.
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Funny tweet that reads, "This shutdown saga is exposing who's never been told 'no' in their life"
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It Ain't Rocket Science People

Funny meme from the TV show 'Friends' about why it's important to continue social distancing | COVlD is deadly but containment measures are working they've made us safer than we were in March
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Funny video sketch comparing day one of quarantine and day 50 of quarantine

Video Sketch About Day One Vs. Day 50 In Quarantine Is Spot-On

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Everything Is Not Okay

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "The opening sentence of all my phone conversations for the past two months" above a still of someone saying, "Um, is everything ok? I mean, other than, you know, everything?"
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Dancing pallbearers film tribute to medical workers as they struggle with the coronavirus pandemic | Thanks to all the doctors in the world men in white suits and face masks

Dancing Pallbearers Share Video Tribute To Medical Workers Around the World

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