Funny footage of Prince playing Basketball during lovesexy tour, charlie murphy story from Dave Chappelle's Show, music, skills

Video Of Prince Playing Basketball Backs Up Charlie Murphy's Classic 'Chappelle's Show' Story

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Yeah Wait A Minute...

Caption that reads, "People in movies have this kind of breakfast and they only grab a strawberry and be like, 'gotta go hun!'" above pics of a huge breakfast spread and a guy looking displeased
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Wendy's Delivering That Spicy Sauce Once Again!

Wendy's disses Ihop by saying that they aren't worried about their burgers being better since they thought pancakes were 'too hard'
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Funny twitter reactions to International house of pancakes (ihop) changing name to ihob.

IHOb Just Revealed What The 'B' Stands For And Nobody's Into It

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Funny tweets and reactions to Ihop changing name to Ihob, janice dean, fox and friends.

IHOP Just Changed Its Name And The Internet Is Freaking Out

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Mask On

Funny meme about pancake face.
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Funny meme about dog with a condition called pancake face.
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Guess It Does Matter

siblings prank pancakes - 8986922496
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So Selfish

web comics tree pancakes So Selfish
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Better Just Get Take Out

pancakes web comics - 8602251264
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Bad Joke of The Day: IHOP Tweets Horrible Breast Joke, Immediately Regrets It

Bad Joke of The Day: IHOP Tweets Horrible Joke, Immediately Regrets It

My Breakfast Defies Laws of Matter, What About Yours?

food breakfast pancakes - 8220515584

Turtle Goes After Tiny Pancakes

gifs turtles critters pancakes - 8496060416
By Unknown

Pancake Bot

gifs robots pancakes - 8460482816
By ToolBee (Via Gizmag)

School is Important

Via Bing

Breakfast Builds Strong Bones

cute breakfast gifs skulls pancakes - 8446834688
By ToolBee
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