What's Up With Your Face?

baby pancake - 7093885184
By Unknown

Pancake Faces

pancake faces - 6975254528
By Unknown

This Pancake Totally Looks Like Eye of Sauron

funny TLL food pancake Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron - 6688281600
By adria_nyxx

Apple Pls

apple lawsuit pancake please sue - 6585060864
By Miss_Amber

This Pancake Totally Looks Like DJ Pauly D

celeb food funny pancake pauly d reality tv TLL TV - 6345905152
By hydrabiscuit

Twin Towers Are Boring

911 money pancake twin towers Y U No Guy - 6005737216
By Unknown

My pancake Totally Looks Like an Elephant

animal elephant food funny pancake TLL - 5911072000
By sezzab

U Mad, Derpancake?

delicious derp pancake The Internet IRL troll face - 5892021504
By Unknown
breakfast commercial pancake Video - 32124161

What Flap Jacks?

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The Pancake is All in Your Mind, Bro

drugs floating pancake wtf - 4854987264
By TheMetalCat

Forever a Pancake

food forever forever alone IRL pancake raisins - 4844608256
By Unknown