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Absurdly Intricate Gadget Packaging Has Twitter’s Imagination Running Wild

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Is Nirvana Considered Classic Rock Now?

Funny meme using an old man on a long board to describe the feeling of people saying 90's music is classic, feeling old, whatever man
Via u/Tsupercalifragilisti
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Food Scams That Would Leave Anyone Feeling Betrayed

Not cool.
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Funny pictures from the age filter app

The New FaceApp Age Filter Has The Internet Goin' Geriatric

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Hope You Can Afford an Unpaid Internship

image irony packaging - 8818669312
Via ElfenSky

Trolling Level: Grocery Store

packaging wtf butter - 8579162624
By cmdr_keen

Let Potential Customers Know Where They Stand

monday thru friday packaging slogan g rated - 8336394752
Via vaitor

Cheese Packs

rage packaging cheese opening - 8312992512
By YoungsterJoey44

Who Cares About Freshness?

rage Y U NO packaging - 8258367744
By MeanMeme

Charger Rage

charger packaging rage - 8225424896
By Unknown

Brownie Rage!

rage trollface packaging brownies - 8166898176
By mojoplace

That's the Way the Cracker Crumbles

cracker puns packaging - 7868609792
By xyzpdq1

Even The Packaging Can't Resist

packaging gifs Oreos funny - 7849627392
By Iron-man01

Even Packages Try to Shame You

packaging Oreos shame - 7752366336
By Unknown

It's More of a Hassle Feeling Better Than Staying Sick

packaging medicine illness funny - 7462601472
By Unknown

Well Played, China, Well Played...

packaging China - 7065254144
By nanaya
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