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Delivery Driver Sparks Outrage After Sharing Insulting Customer Request

Peak entitlement
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Parcel Theft Victim Creates Special Zine To Detract Thieves

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Fedex Driver Amuses The Internet With Abrupt Delivery

Think fast!
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Amazon Package Thieves Face Revenge After Victim Starts Pooping In Parcels

Shopping online is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s nothing quite like opening your front door to a much-needed item — or even better, a random piece of crap you decided to order when you were drunk. However, not everybody gets the privilege of actually opening what they’ve ordered. When it comes to petty crime these days, there are few easier targets than peoples’ parcel deliveries. Whether you end up with a MacBook or some specialist herpes cream is anyone's guess, but that doesn’t see…
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Cute photos of animals that UPS drivers meet on their routes | Turns Out, UPS Drivers Have Facebook Group About Dogs They Meet On Their Routes, And Will Make Day 2013, UPS driver Sean McCarren created Facebook group pay tribute furry friends make daily routes looot happier. And took off like pup park after unleash Now, UPS Dogs has over 1.4M likes on Facebook and 488K followers

UPS Drivers Share The Adorable Animals They Meet On Their Routes

These pics are cute AF!
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No One Will Steal It From There!

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Next Time You Need to Return Anything to Your Ex, Use This as Your Guide

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Well That Solves That Problem

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Mail Fail

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Usually I Just Have to Go to the Post Office

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It's Not Just a Coincidence

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It's One of Those Days

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What Usually Happens When You Open a Package

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Ayyy Lmao

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Sneaky, Sneaky

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Ahem... This is PRIVATE!

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