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40 Quirky Tweets Of Varying Freshness

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33 Bloody-Good Random Memes That'll Give You The Giggles

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Get It?

Funny meme about owl smoking weed.
Via per_alt_delete


Funny web comic about pygmy owls and how they can kill animals that are twice their size.
Via Bird and Moon

Never Felt Better

Funny meme about trying to hide anxiety in public featuring images of a scared looking owl.
Via aspen151012

Bust a Move!

gif of baby owl dancing with halloween toy
Via tumblr

Never Let Your Guard Down

web comics owls Never Let Your Guard Down
Via Pitchblack

Owls Chatting

wtf birds gifs critters owls jo38ma3 - 8555654656
By Unknown

Oh Crap, I Got Important Owl Business To Get To

Via GIF Bin

Owl Walk Off Those Extra Calories

birds gifs critters owls walking - 8561553664
By ToolBee

Owls Watching a Fly

gifs critters owls flies - 8560417024
By Unknown

Owl Relate To This

Via Senor GIF

I Never Trusted That Owl

critters owls web comics - 8560849408

Predator with Prey in Sight

gifs critters owls food - 8556185088
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

I'll Give You a Dollar If You Put Your Hand In There

birds gifs critters owls - 8554050304
By Unknown

Do I Look Calm To You?

gifs eyes critters owls - 8553554176
By Unknown
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