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31 Sleeping Memes for the Oversleepers Who Refuse to Rise and Shine Early

that second wave of sleep after you wake up too early>>
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I'm Out Of Excuses At This Point

Funny tweet that reads, "Woke up late for the 5,748th day in a row"
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Stories of people who slept through things

15 Deep Sleepers Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things They've Slept Through

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Wait A Minute

Funny meme that reads, "When you're sleeping and your alarm didn't ring yet but the amount of sleep you're getting is suspicious"
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Literally Every Morning

Pic of a guy looking at a clock that reads "6:00am" above a pic of the guy closing his eyes, above a pic of the guy opening his eyes again and the clock reading "8:20am"
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Post Malone Knows How It Be

Picture of Post Malone looking sleepy with the caption, "Me getting out of bed at 8pm after my accidental six-hour nap"
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Naps: Almost Never A Good Idea

"Before nap: I'm tired; After nap: It's worse now"
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