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Employee Points Out Boss' Mistake In Refreshingly Hopeful Thread

Boss-employee confrontations aren't always terrible, as it turns out. Imgur user DiscriminativeStimulus posted an email correspondence with their boss when the company made a mistake by paying them too much in over time. Shockingly, both parties acted like rational adults and justice was had all the same, which gives us a tiny bit more hope in this world.

But if you're in the mood to feel angry at your job, click here for some frustrated work memes via Fail Blog!

Imgur thread about an employer who tried to take back over time pay from one of their employees, employee proves that this action was not just according to Washington state law | Hi are reviewing payroll past few months ensure paid correctly and did find one issue with pay. were overpaid $248.24 over time on pay are planning on deducting this amount this current pay day. If would like us split this between two pay periods please let know by tomorrow.
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