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17 Freshly Baked Dank Memes Of The Weirdest Variety

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'No Context' Memes That Are Hilarious Because They Make No Effing Sense

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Oh It's On

Caption that reads, "When your arthritis pills kick in and you can finally start knitting again" above a pic of an old lady wearing Hulk hands

Me, An Intellectual

Illustration of a guy digging tunnels implying that he's smarter than the guy standing above ground
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14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things People Overheard This Week

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Funny out of context moments from the great british bake off, great british bake off, baking, reality tv, british people, english people.

18 Hilariously Perfect Moments From The Great British Bake Off

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17 Overheard Quotes That'll Make You Do A Spit Take

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funny comic book panels taken out of context

23 Comic Book Panels Taken Out of Context

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Mitt Romney editing debate barack obama out of context dirty - 44056833

Dirty Debate

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Mitt Romney donald trump editing barack obama out of context - 44021761

Obama and Romney: The Final Debate

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captain america comic book out of context - 6568330240
By Unknown

I Love Food Too But Let's Not Get Carried Away

cartoons eating food out of context - 6563464448
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Controversy? What Controversy?

controversy legitimate out of context stupid todd akin - 6532719872
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Gimme Some of Your Sweet Bear Hugging

bears hugs kissing out of context wtf - 6529163520
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Fun Times Down on the Farm

comic farm fun out of context wtf - 6529165568
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bbc news out of context political videos Video - 34447361

An Exciting News Day

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