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The Onion Has Film Standards That Are a Bit Different Than the Rest of Ours

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The Oscars Are This Sunday! Here Are 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Biggest Movie Ceremony Around...

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This Year's Best Picture Nominees Recreated with LEGO Minifigs

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Just Give the Trophy to Him Anyway, It'll Make Him Feel Better

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Leonardo DiCaprio is in Good Company

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The Truth Behind The Oscar Bump

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25 Honestly Titled Posters for This Year's Oscar Nominees

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This is a Picture of Leonardo DiCaprio Crying Made With Smaller Pictures of Oscar Winners

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Audrey Hepburn Totally Looks Like Anne Hathaway

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I Made The Same Face When I Saw Speed 2

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You Have the Wrong Joke, Sir!

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Re-Framed: Why Would You Even Joke About That?!

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What if Social Media Presence Determined Who Won an Oscar?

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Forget the Oscars We've Got the Nicholas Cage Awards

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Turns Out There Is a God

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Jolie, Your Gams... Woof!

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