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Funny Memes For Backyard Birders & Ornithologists Alike

There are memes for almost any subculture. You just need to know where to look. This became really clear to me after diving into the nerdy world of birding. As a kid, my Dad and I would visit parks and marshlands, Audubon book in hand, looking for birds both rare and common. While my favorites were always colorful or endangered (Roseate Spoonbill, anyone?), I've since broadened my formerly particular affections for avian life. While I never stopped enjoying scoping out the trees and forest floo…
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A Fancy Flock of Birding Memes for Every Level of Birdwatcher

I consider myself a novice birder. Due to my "gainful" employment, I don't have the leisure time to indulge in the wholesome activity, so I play Wingspan to try to ease the agony of deprivation. Last night, the game's tranquil soundtrack helped me drift off to sleep. There's something about the sound of sweetly chirping birds and the twinkling of a harp that is so soothing. Playing Wingspan, which was undoubtedly created with birders in mind, is as near to board game therapy as it gets, dependi…
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Birdwatching Memes That Don't Require Binoculars

The bir dwatching community is a unique one. In my (limited) experience, birders tend to take care of the habitats they lurk to catch a glimpse of a rare bird or even just a cute one. They nod at their fellow binocular-ed passersby, share fruitful locales (but not all of them), and pick up trash as they go on their way. The pastime (or hobby) is usually a respectable one, involving a love for living things and the environments in which they exist. Birdwatching, even in the city, has allowed me…
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The Best Ornithology and Birding Memes We Saw This Week (August 3, 2022)

When I was a child I would spend hours staring at my father's (and my grandfather's) thick Audubon Field Guide to North American Birds. The book was textured on the outside, almost like snakeskin, and the interior was filled with birds, arranged beautifully by color. I had only seen a few of the avian creatures - the usual Northern Cardinal, chickadees, sparrows and jays that frequented my grandparents' bird feeder. My life has become way more bird-centric since then. I play a board game called…
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The Best Birding Memes We Saw This Week (7/23/2022)

I love birdwatching. And it seems like that love is shared with an increasing amount of people. Birdwatching has actually become the the fastest growing hobby in the United States. In 2011 there were just over 45 thousand birdwatchers in the country. That number is absolutely dwarfed by the 2020 statistics, which reveal that there were 15.23 million birders making themselves known. A staggering increase. It's understandable that the pastime would see a resurgence. During the darkest days of the…
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Birding Memes For Seasoned Ornithologists and Amateur Birdwatchers

The birding community is a special one. In my experience, they take care of the land where they're seeking a glimpse of the next rare bird. They smile at their fellow binocular-ed passersby, share good spots (but not all of them), and pick up trash as they go on their way. The hobby is (mostly) a respectable one, involving an appreciation for living things. It's allowed me to be more present, soaking up the quiet beauty of most surroundings. It's tough to be a birder in New York City. The same…
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Relatable Birding Memes for Amateurs and Experts Alike

I identify as an amateur birder . I don't get the time to indulge thanks to my “gainful” employment, so I try to assuage the pain by playing Wingspan. Last night I fell asleep to the lull of the Wingspan soundtrack. Birds chirping, soothing harp sounds tinkling. Playing the game (which was definitely designed for birders) is as close as it gets to video game therapy, or board game therapy if you're playing the analog version. The serenity, however, comes at a cost. I fell asleep during the last…
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20+ Memes For Every Kind of Bird Nerd

We see you.
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