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35 Oregon Memes For Pacific Northwesterners Who Are Used To The Rain But Can't Pump Gas

Oregon has quite a reputation amongst the citizens of the other 49 states. For some of us, it reminds us of the mid-1800s, when pioneers trod across the western United States in search of a better life in Oregon on the titular trail. Whether they found a better life there than in Missouri or whatever remains to be seen. For others, we might think of Oregon as the home of the infamous city of Portland. I've spent more time watching Portlandia than I would care to admit on a public platform, but…
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memes abut anti-vaxxers | Person -  NURSE EMERGENC DENT NCE RLAVM BUT aiso ANTI-VaccNe | Person - Anti Vaxxers Preventable Diseases

20 Memes That Hilariously Argue With Anti-Vaxxer Logic

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wtf facts about history

15 WTF History Facts That'll Blow Your Mind

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gaming memes video game moments

Your Favorite Videogame Moments and Achievements

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Bout Time to Get on That Remake Bethesda!

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Of the 6 Games Inducted Into the Video Game Hall of Fame Which One Do You Think Was Most Deserving?

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A Fate Worse Than Dysentery

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Alien Trail

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Red Dead Redemption and Oregon Trail Go Great Together

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MLG Oregon Trail

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Using Games is the Best Way to Make Tough Choices

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Mordoregon Trail

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The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

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Call Me in Willamette Valley

call me maybe oregon trail PC retro - 6544827904

When You Drove onto My Trail It Killed You So Bad

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Why Couldn't I Have Been Born Later

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