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Lab Assistant Gets Blasted For Outing Douchey Employer To New Hire

Not fair
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Selfish Customer Gets Roasted For Saying People Shouldn’t Return Their Shopping Carts

Never be like this guy
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Teacher Asks Third Graders What They Would Change About Her, Immediately Gets Humbled

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Wistful Worker Splits Opinion After Claiming They Miss Their Long Commute

People really think like this?
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Very Special Gems From The Guardian's Headline Master Adrian Chiles

We've seen a lot of strange and amusing headlines in our time. While some are funny in their structure, others are funnier because of the content ('Alton Attorney Accidentally Sues Himself'). We're fond of both. Some of our favorites include: 'Macaulay Culkin to legally change name to 'Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin'' (EW) 'Seagulls keep couple hostage in their own home for six days by attacking them every time they leave house' (The Telegraph) ‘Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking O…
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15+ Mystifying Moments Of Excruciating Dumbness

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People Reflect On The Seating That Reveals If A Restaurant’s Food Is Good Or Bad

Harsh, but true?
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Non-American Ponders Whether The USA Is As Bad As Reddit Makes It Out To Be

Rock, flag and eagle
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People Call Out All The Aesthetics They Hate With “This Style Sucks” Trend

So much ugly
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Redditors Get Heated Over Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

Delicious drama
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Starbucks Barista Reveals The Most Disgusting Order They Ever Had To Make

Spare a thought for all the Starbucks baristas out there, because they have been working overtime at the moment. An explosion in popularity among Gen Z has led to a deluge of complex custom orders every day, sometimes leading to long queues barely after their stores have opened. Not only do they have to make up all sorts of bizarre concoctions nowadays, but sometimes they can be distinctly unappetizing too. When @kenmixtape received a certain order at the branch that he works at in Georgia, he …
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15+ People Reveal The Overhyped Food They Actually Hate

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People Discuss Things That Bring Out The Worst In Others

Turns out, it's a lot of stuff
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That's Straight Up Ridiculous

Funny meme where someone says in a comment that "stuffed crust is the worst" and below several people are typing at once
Via MohAki1

Just Don't

Point on a globe where someone asked for your opinion.
Via The Humor Lab

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Memes image opinion - 8984938496
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