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Female TikTokers Go Wild for 'Sexy' Guy That Mystifies The Rest of the Internet

This is the female gaze?
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Third Grade Teacher Shows Students Talking Heads, Shares Hilarious Results

"It's a little OK"
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People Explain All the Relatable Things They Can't Tolerate As They Get Older

The list is long
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Twitter Users Share Their Benign Unpopular Opinions

Argument starters
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Dramatic Character Arcs It's Hard to See Coming

A complete 180
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Redditors Share the Crucial Things That They Will Never Change Their Minds On

Make or break
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A Handful Of Terrible Takes From Entitled Gamers

Eye roll material.
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Twitter Users Reveal Their Most Radical but Non-Political Opinions

Let's start an argument
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Food Vigilantes Share Their Most F'ed Up Pizza Opinions

Don't tell Italy
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Thread Discusses Timeless Video Games That Should Be Considered Masterpieces

I played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the first time on Christmas day in 2001. That morning, after all the presents had been opened, my dad popped our new game (that he got for us) into the PS2 so that he could “test it out.” Five hours later, he finally concluded that the game was in working order and reluctantly handed off the controller to me and my little sister. Up until that point, I had only ever played games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Ape Escape— which are all iconic ga…
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Lab Assistant Gets Blasted For Outing Douchey Employer To New Hire

Not fair
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Selfish Customer Gets Roasted For Saying People Shouldn’t Return Their Shopping Carts

Never be like this guy
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Teacher Asks Third Graders What They Would Change About Her, Immediately Gets Humbled

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Wistful Worker Splits Opinion After Claiming They Miss Their Long Commute

People really think like this?
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Very Special Gems From The Guardian's Headline Master Adrian Chiles

We've seen a lot of strange and amusing headlines in our time. While some are funny in their structure, others are funnier because of the content ('Alton Attorney Accidentally Sues Himself'). We're fond of both. Some of our favorites include: 'Macaulay Culkin to legally change name to 'Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin'' (EW) 'Seagulls keep couple hostage in their own home for six days by attacking them every time they leave house' (The Telegraph) ‘Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking O…
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15+ Mystifying Moments Of Excruciating Dumbness

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