Or at Least... Not... Wut?

doors signs open closed - 7910107392
Created by Unknown

These Are the Worst

rage the worst open instructions - 6980873984
Via Bite

24/5 Just Doesn't Sound Right

are you kidding me open Rage Comics - 6473319424
Created by Unknown

Opening Files Seems So Complicated Nowadays

double meaning file IRL literalism open - 6383933952
Created by IUgrad505

Maybe I Should Become a Ninja

cute door forever alone girl open - 6288450560
Created by anj100

Has This Fruit Never Been to a Punk Show?

double meaning fruit Hall of Fame literalism open pit statement - 5877830912
Via Nathan Dickerson

There's Probably an App for That

electric facebook laptop open that sounds naughty - 5790991616
Created by Unknown

Open Mics

double meaning literalism microphone open - 5596972544
Via Plus 5 Mace

Box of Lies!

box knife macaroni Memes open - 5582985728
Created by Randeh

We've Got a Badass Ajar

Badass door open - 5531176704
Created by Unknown

40 Times a Day

browser close computers Memes open windows - 5522374144
Created by papple

Scout in a Box

box Memes open scout step 3 team fortress video games - 5243908864
Created by Trichogaster

These Damn Instructions Don't Work!

double meaning instructions lift literalism misinterpretation open - 5189398784
Created by MarianasTrench604


answer cant doors Hall of Fame key lies literalism lolwut monkey open question suffix - 5127299072
Created by Unknown

My Dainty Little Hands Could Never Manage

bottle Challenge Accepted open Rage Comics the hulk - 5028205056
Created by Unknown

I'm Only Here If I Don't Have Anything Better to Do

close IRL open sign - 4978598144
Created by heytheregrace
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