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20+ Facepalm Moments That Can't Be Taken Back

The world's biggest 'oof'
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Cringey direct messages | getting a dick pic and sending husband's dick pic in return: Dic Pic Hey. Could handle 8 inches don't know can 8 inch Blade Hunting Survival Knife Kit

20+ Times Creepy DMs Went Amusingly Wrong

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aita, am i the asshole, reddit, thread, funny comments, cringe, fail, facepalm, embarrassing, relationships, marriage | AITA leaving my husband grocery store because he started acting like toddler all go through phases and pick up annoying habits, and sometimes just need our loved ones gently tell us if picked up particularly egregious habit. Sometime last year, my husband has picked up habit where he talks like baby. At first funny, but passed into embarrassing, cringeworthy behavior quickly.

Woman Leaves Husband In Grocery Store For Literally Acting Like A Toddler

If you act like a baby, you're gonna be treated like one
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clever comebacks, witty comebacks, witty reply, reddit, twitter, funny tweets, burn, roast, facepalm, stupid people, funny comments, memes, karen | IndieWire Pattinson's 'Batman' Will Be So Raw and Not Sanitized Says Cast Member Peter Sarsgaard AMPAIGN Robby Slowik @RobbySlowik last thing world wants right now is raw, unsanitized bat | Snapchat: Fuck up Barbara 3m Like Reply Barbara She tried her best help and get feeling were probably bitch about hope they don't fire this young lady because

20 Clever Comebacks & Brutal Burns

People online flexing their wit
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Funny pics of people who think they are smart | I read so much now started citing books every conversation. Whatever say probably have quote back up think quoted Aristotle 2x already today s only 10 am

27 Cringey Geniuses That Should Be Taken Down A Notch

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cringey pics, replying to yourself, before and after shirts | New hair Love After Before Like Comment Share 2 hours ago nea and 19 others like this. Where did get before and after shirts! 12121 about an hour ago Like | Andrew Dafuq bring back real hip hop pls subscribe 3 months ago Andrew Dafuq +Andrew Dafuq keep up 3 months ago Andrew Dafuq +Andrew Dafuq really like ur channel bro really have talent 3 months ago Andrew Dafuq +Andrew Dafuq thx mate just try bring back real hip hop 3 months ago 1

29 'Yikes' Moments Of Monumental Cringe

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Funny cringey tom and jerry memes | unsettled tom the cat |  Pisses shower* Home Depot Employee: | Room is dark turns on light* Electrician fixing light bulbs:

21 'Unsettled Tom' Memes That Depict Imaginary 'Yikes' Moments

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funny memes of general grievous, star wars prequels memes, ah yes the negotiator, cringey memes, relatable memes | Mom says no but Dad just came home work Ah, yes negotiator. Hey car accident on Thursday can send picture tits Ah, yes negotiator.

'Ah Yes, The Negotiator' Is A Star Wars Meme Brimming With Cringe & Relatablity

It's a good one.
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Funny meme about saying oof during a serious conversation.
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Works Every Time!

Stock photo of a waitress presenting something with text that suggests to use the word "oof" when presented with something slightly uncomfortable
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The Harsh Reality

Illustration of someone handing someone else money with text that reads, "Trade pieces of paper with people until you die"
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edgy gen z memes | Person - Yeah! love ASMR .ctively S.eeking M.ore R.anch 's so Soothing | Ball - gabbie @gabbiejarvis absolutely loved growing up 00s without an iPhone, nowadays kids won't know feeling going home after school watching Suite life Zack and Cody with packet crisps and then playing club penguin on computer before tea

17 Edgy Gen Z Memes That Only The Kids Will Understand

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