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Man Uses Height Boosting Shoe Inserts For Date, Prompting Jokes And Debate

Just admit you’re 5’11 bro
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Despairing Woman Gets Dunked On For Complaining About Male Instacart Shopper

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Instacart Shopper Calls Out Shifty Customers Who Falsely Report Missing Items

They see you
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Strange And Questionable Garbage That People Chose To Sell

Not a sight for sore eyes
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Parcel Theft Victim Creates Special Zine To Detract Thieves

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Amazon Package Thieves Face Revenge After Victim Starts Pooping In Parcels

Shopping online is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s nothing quite like opening your front door to a much-needed item — or even better, a random piece of crap you decided to order when you were drunk. However, not everybody gets the privilege of actually opening what they’ve ordered. When it comes to petty crime these days, there are few easier targets than peoples’ parcel deliveries. Whether you end up with a MacBook or some specialist herpes cream is anyone's guess, but that doesn’t see…
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Weird, Funny And Wholesome Extracts From The Wild West Of Amazon Reviews

The magical world of online shopping.
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The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (4-3 To 4-9)

Thanks, Reddit.
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Funny meme about when you receive something you ordered from Amazon while drunk.
Via u/Optimus_Durex
Funny online shopping fails | shirt with the writing STOP PRETENDING RACISM IS PATRIOTISM but only the word RACISM is visible | got this tank on Amazon and they sent dress. On plus side does make my ass look great. Verizon 7.37 PM amazon GD Jen's Workout Stringer Multi Colored Tank Top Muscle size Chart Size: Select Size

24 Unfortunate Online Shopping Fails

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Funny meme that reads, "Me opening my front door to grab a package the Amazon driver dropped off..." above a an image of a monster coming out of a cave
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Hell Yeah

Funny meme that reads, "When you order 12 things at once on Amazon but only get one shipping notification" above a still of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove saying, "Oh yeah, it's all coming together"
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Yeah That's Way Too Far

Funny tweet that reads, "I save tons of money shopping online because I'm lazy to go get my credit card from the other room"
Via JustAWeirdLoser
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19 Spicy Amazon Reviews That Bring The Heat

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Funny shopping fails.

19 Online Shopping Fails That Were Probably Worth It For The Laughs

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10 People Who Are Really Regretting Their Online Purchases

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