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A Merry Band Of Motley Memes

Have you ever heard the theory that the United States is like a melting pot, with various cultures coming together and amalgamating into one uniquely American culture? Despite that talking point's prominence, America as a melting pot is quite a misnomer because cultures don't just bleed into each other. Cultural practices don't become an indistinguishable goo similar to that of cheese fondue just because they exist in close proximity to each other. Instead of the melting pot theory, other socio…
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Article compiling the most popular tweets of the "She's A 10, But..." joke format.

The Best "She's A 10, But..." Tweets Of The Week

Over the past few days, Twitter has been inundated with a new joke format that you cannot escape, even if you tried! It goes like this: She/He's a 10, But [Insert Quirky Quality Here]. This meme is similar to a game I played with my friends in college called 10/10, where you would picture your 10/10 partner, but they had one wacky quality that someone in the group pitched. For instance, 10/10, but they shed their skin like a reptile every 12 hours. Once the group decided on a uniform abnormal t…
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Funny moments of cringe, music fails, lol, pop music, hip hop, tweets, rap

20+ Cringey Music Fails & Moments

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Funny tweets about the creation of sex, sex was created twitter meme, sex was invented twitter meme, Tweet from a woman that says sex was created by god, for marriage, between a husband and wife and me, the woman they met on bumble.

'Sex Was Invented' Memes Are Roasting & Toasting A Cringey Religious Tweet

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harry potter memes

This Classic Harry Potter Meme Represents Our Crippling Let-Downs

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Wow That's Fascinating!

Pic of One Direction riding in the car with James Corden with the caption, "When you're drunk and bonding with the Uber driver"
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Mind: Blown

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Such cringeworthy memes that you'll cringe your pants even if you don't want to [SHUDDERS] | Person - photos an 3 hrs Attention Facebook friends, these two beautiful young women are two very important people my life, they mean lot If are lucky enough call one these ladies gf, and break their heart will open heavens and make my mission destroy and all care about. My name is Thor, test if dare

37 of the Most Cringeworthy People on the Internet

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one direction twitter jokes crash economy anxiety - 612613

Wild Ride of the Day: Black Monday Really Messed with the Internet's (and the Economy's) Emotions

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Funny shower thought meme of dude with his mouth in a mouse trap - captioned to point out that he probably pronounces it Mouth Trap now, which is also accurate - Cover image for deep shower thoughts

30 Shower Thoughts You've Never Realized Before

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Getting Married to a Cardboard Cutout of Harry Styles. Just... Wow...

one direction forever alone marriage wtf dating - 8380790016

Harry Styles Totally Looks Like Rizzo

one direction harry styles TLL grease - 6986543360
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So Long, Zayn

one direction trolltube Video - 69752577

Redditor Ben Berst Made a Video Pretending to Care About Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction. CBS Aired It.

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Excuse You, You Big Meanie!


You Know What to Get Your Niece for Christmas This Year

one direction twitter drawing cringe failbook g rated - 8371481088
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