What Happens When You Ask for One Ice Cube

ice cube request literalism one shape - 7119206912
Via ziplap

Look! A Unicorn!

unicorn corn uni latin literalism one double meaning - 6824321792
Via Cats Are the Priority

One Keet - Parakeet

parakeet pair prefix homophone literalism one two - 6686891520
Created by glennvolio

Science Seuss!

similar sounding blue one two dr seuss - 6638665984
Created by Unknown

Sorry, I Never Accept Any Work That Isn't Done in Triplikeet

one pair parakeet prefix two uni - 6584386560
Created by GalderGollum


one Party pizza Sad - 6516447488
Created by thePurplehAtter

I'm Just Gonna Nap in Here

beer doctor Memes one - 6441283840
Created by PetePete

Accents Change Everything!

accent draw something literalism one Pronunciation similar sounding suffix tie two - 6319714816
Created by failbLOLg ( Via The Pun King )

Uno I'm a Wild One Too

flo rida Memes one Songs uno wild - 6258731264
Created by Valenka

Thuggin' Like a C-3PO

addition day obi-wan kenobi one similar sounding star wars three two - 6172914432
Created by Pundance

May the Force Be With Two

literalism one similar sounding star wars two - 6153562112
Created by LeftNut69

Give Me Beans, Give Me Tacos, Give Me Gringos, Give Me Paco!

Hall of Fame juan lolwut metallica name one similar sounding sombrero song title - 6001942016
Created by TomDoody

The Only Direction I Want to Send Them is Downward

disney do not want gross literalism one one direction two - 6002849280
Created by HeapsGoodProductions

Jeff Has the Loneliest Number

forever alone Jeff lonely number one - 5907409152
Created by krstndb

How to Double Your Beverages!

9 beverages binary drinks math Memes one zero - 5877739776
Created by Tyranin

He's 7-Upped You

calories coke Memes one pepsi zero - 5866620416
Created by Unknown
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