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Funny video of a  friendly dog coming across a group of unfriendly cats

Unsuspecting Dog Faces Ominous Gang Of Cats

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Funny memes entitled, 'Yoda Balloon' | yoda hot air balloon looming menacingly over a building. car behind literally driving the speed limit. My cyclical depression having good day.

'Yoda Balloon' Proves That Star Wars Memes Will Never Not Be Dank Gold

Cue Jaws theme song
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Oh Dear

Funny meme about a public bus
Via antoniocandelaria49
50s wtf 1950s funny memes trending memes ominous vintage - 8483589

'Waiting For Dad' Is The Ominous Vintage Meme You Didn't Know You Needed

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Oh God!

Newspaper weather forecast that says tomorrow will be "dark" above a black box; Tumblr comment below reads, "Tomorrow we enter the void"
Via tacosharks

The Skeleton War Is Coming

Caption that reads, "If you feel uncomfortable in the night, please understand it is just your skeleton's inherent need for freedom" above illustrations of a guy sleeping with his skeleton dancing around inside of him
Via tacosharks

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery

critters ominous bunny web comics - 8286399232
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

A Bird Holds Its Breath

birds ominous web comics - 8273950464
Via Buttersafe

One Ominous Cookie

fortune cookie funny ominous wtf - 8231751168
Created by Unknown

You Never Said When

Cats ominous the future web comics - 8170714624
Via Moonbeard

The Board Meeting

wtf robots ominous - 8002671104
Created by Unknown

I Guess Slow Lorises Aren't That Cute

gifs critters ominous funny - 7790934784
Created by Unknown

Ominous Clouds

clouds gifs mindwarp ominous weather wtf - 6470178304
Created by Unknown


critters gifs mouse ominous SOON - 6070987520
Via Bunny Food

Like "Where's Waldo", but More Ominous

lincoln ominous SOON wally wheres waldo - 5388620544
Created by Chariot
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