Can Anyone Tell Him to Stop And Pick Up His Gold Medal?

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Training for the American Olympics

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Now That's Advertising

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Nothing Like Losing on the Big Stage

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Sometimes You Just Need to Chill

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We Won't Forget, Russia

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The Last Man Standing Wins The Race

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Shell Shock at Sochi

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The Apocalypse Is Somewhere

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Ikead, Ikead!

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"O Canada, I Stand on Guard for Thee!"

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This is a Traffic Cam Shot of the Busiest Section of Highway in North America (Ontario Highway 401 in Toronto) During the Gold Medal Men's Hockey Game on Sunday

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You Make an Excellent Point

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Canadians Are Rioting After Winning Olympic Gold

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Russia Showed a Sense of Humor During the Closing Ceremonies

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Soup of the Day at Tim Hortons

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