old Nancy Pelosi reporter press conference response - 44492289

Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Appreciate Your Implication

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Bob Dole's Campaign Website from 1996 Still Exists

old campaign history Bob Dole website - 6764029696
Via Dole, Kemp '96

Gary Oldman / Gary Youngman

old surname literalism prefix young - 6718080000
Created by Oddworth

The Beatles Young and Old

old beatles young - 6674546432
Created by The_Fool_on_the_Hill

I'll Need a Picture to Remember This Moment

raisin rage old camera - 6704764928
Created by Unknown

Memes Today...

old reaction guys - 6614777344
Created by Unknown

The Evolution of Clint Eastwood

chair Clint Eastwood man old the good the bad and the the simpsons yelling - 6555910144
Created by dylanrjohnson

Comixed: Even the Force Can't Fix Those Wrinkles

doctor who old star wars yoda - 6405729792
Created by Unknown

Get With the Times, Grandpa

90s old Pie Chart - 6526347008
Created by furryfuz

Trolling: Level Classic

back in my day level old trolling - 6518989056
Created by Jazzure

Just Keep Stringing Her Along

cello Memes old pitch - 6519751168
Created by BianchiBrony

RULE 34: Over 900 Years Old

Funny Dr. Who meme about Rule 34 which applies even for a 900 year old robot.
Created by AlanLTylerisawesome


hilarious old truck - 6458416128
Created by installerblizzake

A Hole of a Different Color

age old oral sick success kid - 6437000448
Created by biznob

"Dad, What's a 'Window'?"

car future idioms Memes old roll technology window - 6373171456
Created by Sup123

Not Old, Just "Experienced"

me gusta old Rage Comics work - 6372090112
Created by bssdude726