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Chef Goes Viral for Trying Sus Vintage Recipes That Sound Disgusting to Us 21st-Century Folk

Chef Goes Viral for Trying Sus Vintage Recipes That Sound Disgusting to Us 21st-Century Folk

Baked bean pizza? Corn Cookies?? Peach SPAM bake??? JELLIED MEATLOAF???? This man actually makes these dishes AND eats them.
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sexist vintage ads | WOMEN keep Mimsy Clean daily wash with new Lax kebab soap women will freshen up flaps and stop stinking like an old kipper LUX KEBAB SOAP LUX Ask your doctor today | Chef does everything but cook s wives are my wife

43 Vintage Ads That Really Didn't Age Well

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Funny video memes from the Super Nintendo games pixel old school | robot face checking on frozen pizza put oven 2 minutes ago @super.memetendo need start taking things little more serious Also super.memetendo floor is lava donkey kong

Super Nintendo Video Memes For Old-School Gamers

Some more '90s material for you!
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Christmas cards, vintage cards, creepy memes | illustration of a creepy looking santa with bulging eyes bending over a bag of toys THRU KEYHOLE DO PEEP WANT FIND TIGHT ASLEEP MERRY CHRISTMAS. smiling woman in vintage clothing holding krampus devil by it's nape

22 Creepy Vintage Christmas Cards That Would Make Krampus Giggle

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16 Old-School Pics That'll Have You Reeling In The Years

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Super Realistic

Tumblr post suggesting that someone retell stories from The Sims to make it seem like it happened in their life
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The Dedication

Caption that reads, "A woman on the subway printed out 15 pages of Facebook posts and is just reading the comments" above a pic of a woman reading through a packet of paper on the subway
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I Gotta Know

Tumblr pic of an old game boy featuring a fat Pikachu figurine next to a Gameboy DS with a skinnier Pikachu figurine; Tumblr user comments, "Old school vs. new school - Pikachu, what's your secret?"
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25 Of Your Favorite OG Memes That Will Forever Remain In Our Hearts

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No Idea

wtf old school cassette funny tape - 8281109504
Created by Unknown

No Respect for the Old School

old school kids graffiti web comics - 8438739968
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A Wild Feel Appeared

Sad Pokémon old school - 8411798784
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Amazing Chocolate Controllers

controller old school awesome funny - 8370759424
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skateboarding wtf old school the simpsons funny - 65868033

A Blast From the Simpsons Past

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old school consoles vine funny - 65908993

The Old School Console Rap

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old school grand theft auto v - 61383937

Grand Theft Auto V on the Commodore 64

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