Thanks I Hate It

Funny tweet from Macaulay Culkin that reads, "Hey guys, wanna feel old? I'm 40. You're welcome"
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Damn I'm Old

Funny tweet that reads, "I forget how old I am, until my coworkers say things like 'can you read this for me? I don't know cursive'"
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This Is Adulthood

Funny tweet about adult friends trying to make plans with one another
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Yes, It's True

Funny meme that reads, "My answer whenever someone asks me how old I am;" above a photo of John Mulaney saying, "I was once on the telephone with Blockbuster Video"
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funny meme using faceapp to help cheat by pretending you're with your grandma.
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Funny pictures from the age filter app

The New FaceApp Age Filter Has The Internet Goin' Geriatric

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Twitter Users Compare Their High School Selves To Their Current Selves And It's Relatable As Hell

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Tweet that reads, "I called the cops on my own party last night because I was ready to go to bed"
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Caption that reads, "Hate when older people say 'You're too young to be tired,' alright Margaret you're too old to be alive but here we are" above a pic of Kermit the Frog
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28 Depressing Times Millennials Felt Positively Ancient

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These Kids Are Now 19 Years Old!!

Caption that reads, "When a teenager tells me they were born in the year 2000" above pics of Matt Damon progressively getting older in each photo
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Funny Feel Old Yet memes.

16 'Feel Old Yet' Memes That'll Age You Considerably

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These Weary Bones

Funny meme about how you feel old when you are older than 20 years old.
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old Memes dat boi image - 8984419072
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This Cake Better Be Made of Tuna

cake old Cats - 8981939456
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Sorry for Your Loss of Youth

web comics old concert Sorry for Your Loss of Youth
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