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What would happen if dating apps like Tinder ,, Bumble and others were actually honest? They'd sound kinda like this - extremely horny.
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Funny memes about dating, memes about being single, single life, relationships, tinder, dating apps.

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Pretty Much

Funny meme about online dating.
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People on Whisper talking about why modern dating sucks, modern love, dating in 2018, online dating, tinder, okcupid, bumble, plenty of fish.

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If M'Lady Would Be So Kind as to Give Me a Chance

forever alone okcupid friendzone fedoras dating - 8386545664

That Face Corroborates His Claim

okcupid wtf dating - 8294075392

Lolololololololol 69 Amirite?

dating online dating relationships okcupid - 8327518464

The Friendzone Doesn't Discriminate, Not Even Against Le Charming Gentlesirs Like Me

dating friendzone okcupid neckbeards - 8254707968

Like an Animal Shelter, But Douchier

dating friendzone okcupid - 8261756928

Well, She's Technically Older Than Him. Technically...

dating okcupid texting - 8232793600

Determination is a Virtue

okcupid texting dating - 8210131968

Very Funny, OkCupid...

okcupid snowmageddon dating - 8436346624
Created by hylianux

I Like Candlelight Dinners and Long Walks on the Beach

okcupid wtf dating - 8426636800

Nice Meme Hat

atheists dating atheism forever alone fedoras okcupid neckbeards - 8335888640
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