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20+ Cringey Facebook Memes That Might Make Your Boomer Relatives Chuckle After Christmas Dinner

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Teen Receives Absurd List of "Rules" On Her First Day of Work

Sounds like a pretty cynical worldview
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Wholesome Boomer Moments That Transcend Generational Angst

It's okay, Boomer.
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Millennials Share Boomer Hot Takes They Agree With

Not all Boomer opinions are bad
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A story about a Boomer getting yelled at for telling a young job hunter that young people are too lazy to get jobs

Boomer Accuses Younger Job Hunter of Laziness, Gets Yelled At In Public

Anyone who has applied for a job in the past couple of years knows it's a very tricky process. So much goes into job hunting, and it's not as simple as being the most qualified person for a position. Job interviews sometimes feel like they're taking place in an alternate reality; how you articulate yourself must be carefully curated to make you sound like a good worker. It's unnatural, but it's a bare necessity if you're going to get a job. With remote work becoming far more common, competition…
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A Reddit story about a male Karen boomer father-in-law getting angry at his son-in-law for tipping at a resturant

Male Karen Berates Son-In Law For Tipping at a Restaurant

Anyone who has worked as a waiter knows that people who don't tip are the worst. In the United States, many waiters only get paid $2 hourly and, therefore, only survive on tips. Some restaurants don't even pay their servers an hourly wage. This is basically common knowledge at this point, so for most people, not tipping is simply out of the question. But there are always those people who get angry for the insistence that they tip. I find that these come from two camps. The first camp is Boomers…
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Funniest Dark Memes That Make You Realize How Much Boomers Suck

Sassy Memes & Videos About Boomers For Victimized Millennials

Ok Boomer
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'Baby Boomers Only': Business Owner Insults Gen Z Former Employees in Desperate Help Wanted Sign

Trying to find new employees after losing multiple staff members is tricky. You want to hire people quickly, but you don't want to onboard any rube off the street who just happened to apply. You want the job posting to come off as appealing and not desperate. Whatever you do, you don't want to say that you're "always hiring" because that's the biggest red flag in all of recruiting. Well, almost the biggest red flag. Last year, a hiring/temporary closing sign went viral . This handwritten notice…
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funniest throwback memes for millennials from this week

An Entire ‘Invader Zim’ Backpack Worth of the Best Memes from This Week to Satisfy Millennials' Nostalgic Funny Bone (February 16, 2023)

We wish every millennial who grew up watching 'Goosebumps' a very pleasant evening.
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A compilation of weird conservative boomer facebook memes

Horrible Facebook Memes That Can Only Be Blamed On Boomers

Not all memes are created equal. Some thrive for a short period just to get beaten to the ground like the dead horses they are. Others can sail on forever, generally accepted by the meme-consuming population as “good." The following memes are none of those things. These memes were rotten from the first time they were posted on the world wide web.
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After Constantly Getting Brutally Dragged on TikTok, Millennial Tries to Unite Her Generation with Gen-Z as “Generation F**cked”

After Constantly Getting Brutally Dragged on TikTok, Millennial Tries to Unite Her Generation with Gen-Z as “Generation F**cked”

“Let's be sad TOGETHER.”
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Funny and gross pictures and advertisements of gross foods from the mid-twentieth century

Disturbing Foods That Our Boomer Parents Used To Eat

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Such Wholesome Times

Funny meme about how the '70s had many incidences of serial killers and Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Boomer: Nowday there is nothing but rage and violence, I'm glad I've grown up in the 70s The 70s:
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Funny memes, tweets, and Tumblr posts about the conflict between Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation Z | Niraj Patel Boomers: relationships are between man and woman. They must have 2 or more children. Millenials: Relationships are between person with Netflix person with Hulu person with Disney person with Amazon Prime, and person who can cook. Together will keep houseplant alive. tweet by welplookathim Ma'am were classmates with Moses college classes cost only few shekels.

Generational Sh*tposts About The Boomer-Millennial War

This means war.
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He Tried, And That's All That Matters

Funny tweet by Jay Inslee that reads, "I'm a Boomer and it's time for our generation to do our part to defeat climate change. Ok, Boomers? (Did I do that right?)" above a still of Will Smith saying, "He a little confused, but he got the spirit"
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Funny ok boomer meme, are you okay boomer
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