Oiled Floor Prank

babe bikini FAIL floor gifs oil prank - 6120973056
By Unknown

Better Get Your Sunglasses

IRL oil power sign - 6064499200
By Unknown

Re-Trolled: Watch Out Guys, We're Dealing With a Tesla Over Here

car gas IRL license plate oil tesla - 6046272256
By Roz421

America the Greediful

moon oil philosoraptor space - 5974334208
See all captions By ackt2fly

Tasty, Tasty Oil

A Logo Can Change Everything birds bp chocolate oil - 5901694208
By LeeroyFuzz

The Meaning of Flag Colors

color countries flags oil politics war - 6029341440
By EyRa

Trick Question, It's the Illuminati's Fault!

best of week companies oil science - 5902112256
Via OWSPosters

Your Usual Approach Won't Work Here

america internet oil Rage Comics SOPA - 5718796288
By Unknown

Good Dog Greg: No Bones About It

animemes backyard dig dogs Good Dog Greg oil - 5356111360
See all captions By JGauthier

Reframe: Kim Jong Oil

best of week dead oil Reframe the internets - 5340733184
By KooK

Size Matters....

broner eiffel tower france Memes oil weirdest - 5148867328
By Unknown

Circle of Gas

dinosaur gas oil Sad - 5055528448
By Unknown

Courtesy BP (British Petunias)

acronym British literalism oil petroleum similar sounding spill - 5025461248
By maxystone

Oh Reframes, You So Scrolly!

celeb chicken Jake Memes oil Reframe reposts - 4913935360
fire Local News oil political videos reporter smoking Video - 21909761


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Reposts, You So Crazy!

celeb hilarious jake gyllenhaal Memes oil reposts sandwich - 4898981888
By Bronxbombers5665