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'Check to see if the corn is taller than you': The Most Fun Things to do in The Midwest

Anyone down for Casey's Pizza?
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Legendary Modder Replaces All Dragons in 'Skyrim' With the State of Ohio

Trainwiz is at it again with the modding antics, and this time he's replaced all the dragons in Skyrim with the great state of Ohio. According to his Nexus Mods profile, Kevin Brock, a.k.a. Trainwiz, has been modding Elder Scrolls games since 2016. Plenty of gamers in the modding community have been well aware of Trainwiz's work for years, but nothing enhances a mod's virality like a good meme reference , and turning Alduin into a giant, fire-breathing Ohio got everyone's attention—even the Twi…
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Funny memes and tweets about the midwest

Memes and Tweets For and By People From the Midwest

When I was younger, it was pretty common to make fun of all the midwesterners who would move to New York City. The running joke was that every “transplant” was from Ohio and that they were, well, lame as hell. As I became a mature adult, I realized that there's nothing wrong with chasing one's dreams, even if they are cliche. And as I befriended more people who were new to the city, it became clear: a lot of people from the Midwest rule. And a lot of them moved here because they were too cool f…
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Funny memes and tweets about being from the midwest | Normal People think burgers are best meal No0o, pizza is way better Wisconsinites Cheese YES | Taylor Ballek @tballek_ Midwest folk be like No yeah Yes %3D Yeah no No Yeah no sure Definitely

20 Relatable Memes & Tweets For Midwesterners

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19 Amusing Iterations Of The 'It's All Ohio?' Astronaut Memes

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Funny memes about the Midwest | usa map fact Wisconsin hasn't taken over upper peninsula Michigan tells everything need know about those cowards ONTARIO SOTA WISCONSIN MICHIGAN WA | Let slip into something little more cornfortable sexy corn costume

Fifteen Midwestern Memes For The Ranch Addicts

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small town memes, being known for being related to your older sibling

31 Relatable Small-Town Memes For Anyone Who Hails From The Boonies

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Caption that reads, "Danger presented by Ohio" above a map of the United States where Ohio is portrayed as a danger zone
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hilarious ohio state trash - 4745982720
Created by Joey Pek

You Had One Easy Job and You Still Failed It!


Cincinnati, I am Disappoint


Closed Until Further Notice

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Created by DRCEQ

Also, Shout Out to Baltimore

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Created by Unknown

Ohio in a Nutshell (Corn Cob?)


Welcome to the Buckeye State!


What to Do if You Suddenly Find Yourself in Ohio

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