oh no

fail pics | Certificate of Obedience Training dog lying down surrounded by shreds of a doggy school diploma | Man with 'DEVAST8' face tattoo says he can't find work MSN UK 2 hours ago young man with tattoo on his face reading DEVAST8' has said he is having difficulty finding work after being released prison

Disgruntled People Who Are Probably Having A Worse Day Than You

It can always get worse
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Funny memes from Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson says, "Oh no! Anyway" | BROKEN NEW DAILY RECORD COVID CASES OH NO! ON PHASE ANYWAY 4 REOPENING | Teddy Roosevelt he shot while giving speech: OH NO! ANYWAY made with mematic

Nineteen 'Top Gear' Memes Featuring Jeremy Clarkson's Fake Surprise

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Whatever Will We Do

Funny meme that reads, "Video games be like" above a photo of a cart in the way with text below that reads, "The path is blocked!"
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first date twitter wtf cringe storytime story funny tweets oh god dating oh no - 7851781

20 God-Awful First Date Stories That'll Tempt You To Kiss Dating Goodbye

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It's Always Painful

Caption that reads, "When you're texting with somebody and they decide to call you" above a pic of Hide-the-Pain Harold awkwardly talking on the phone
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Girl Fails Spectacularly At Grilling Burgers In This Ridiculous Snapchat Saga

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Don't Hurt Me

Text that reads, "Me: *Hits rock bottom;* 'Welp, it can't get any worse;' Rock Bottom's older brother: 'Is this the guy that hit you?' Me: 'Oh no'"
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Well, That Does Kind Of Makes Sense

Tweet that reads, "In middle school I typed an entire paper while clicking the space bar twice between each word because I thought that's what double-spaced meant"
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Oy Vey

Caption that reads, "When I take a minute to focus on my own life" above a pic of Thomas the Tank Engine with a subtitle that reads, "Thomas had never seen such a mess"
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You Know It

Caption reads, "Couples on Halloween this year SMH" above a pic of a moth and lamp couples costume
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Ohhh No

Tweet that reads, "Expecting parents, PLEASE, I beg you, please look at what your child's name will be spelled backwards. Sincerely, Marlana"
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Don't Even Joke With That Ish

Tweet that reads, "Haunted house idea: A poorly lit Walmart with people you haven't seen since high school"
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What A Genius Idea!

Girl asks Yahoo Answers why humans haven't been able to walk on the sun yet; someone responds that they could do it at night, and the girl replies that that's a great idea
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funny memes about kids and nickelback

15 Nickelback Memes That'll Make You Want The Other 45 Cents

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Oh Dear!

Pic of a trash can with googly eyes with the caption, "When you finally realize that you're just trash"
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Only Gets Worse From There, Kid

Pics of a kid holding up his first paycheck looking progressively less excited with the caption, "Congratulations to my brother on his first paycheck and his discovery of taxes"
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