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fail pics | Certificate of Obedience Training dog lying down surrounded by shreds of a doggy school diploma | Man with 'DEVAST8' face tattoo says he can't find work MSN UK 2 hours ago young man with tattoo on his face reading DEVAST8' has said he is having difficulty finding work after being released prison

Disgruntled People Who Are Probably Having A Worse Day Than You

It can always get worse
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Oh God!!

Caption that reads, "*Googles symptoms;* Web MD: You already died; Me: ..." above a pic of a woman looking distressed in a hospital gown
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So Where Should I Start

Caption that reads, "*On a first date;* Her: So tell me about yourself; Me: ..." above a screenshot of a Wikipedia page with sections "Early Life," "The First Disaster," and "Additional Disasters
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20 God-Awful First Date Stories That'll Tempt You To Kiss Dating Goodbye

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Oh God!

Newspaper weather forecast that says tomorrow will be "dark" above a black box; Tumblr comment below reads, "Tomorrow we enter the void"
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A Little Existential Dread For Ya

Tumblr post about how we live on a giant floating rock in space and life has no actually meaning
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True Story

Tweet that reads, "So me and my wife had been saving up to pay for our Utah football tickets in cash. We pulled our money out yesterday to pay my mom for the season...Well, we couldn't find the envelope until my wife checked the shredder. Yup, two-year-old shredded $1,060"
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Dear God Make it Go Away

Tumblr post that reads, "Where can I uninstall my period? I think if you download pregnancy it blocks it for a few months but then you get a really annoying pop-up that doesn't go away for 18 years"
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Life Is Pain

Meme of Britney Spears in the music video for 'Baby One More Time' where she's saying that her unrealistic life expectations are killing her
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Haven't Been The Same Since

Pic of a baby being terrified by a dog wearing a horse mask, with the caption, "Therapist: 'Okay so what's your earliest childhood memory?' Me:..."
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Into the Tall Grass

Pokémon oh god web comics - 8330831616
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The English Language Causes Some Confusion

english words oh god - 7343492096
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makeup kill it fire oh god - 6971894528
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wtf creepy white people oh god - 6726958080
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oh god photobomb level scary slender man - 6563459840
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eww furries horrible oh god - 4708992768
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