Office Space

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Private office bans employees from sitting on specific chairs: 'They don't want to see the poor people dirtying the nice furniture'

Why even have chairs?
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Whimsical Ways In Which Workers Decorated Their Offices

So creative
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Looking at You, United States Government



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No One Does

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I Prefer Keeping My Eyesight, Thanks

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They're Obviously Not '90s Kids

Office Space that would be great - 8058409472

Put the "Social" Back in "Social Justice"

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Don't Do it, He'll Hit You

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Well, You Don't Go to Work for No Reason

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Hump Day With the Bobs

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Life at an Office

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Who Has Motivation Anymore?

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This Kinda Ruins the Entire GIF Experience

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Now That's a Horrible Job

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Or My Phone Please?

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